Medium Writer’s Challenge

And how to transform disappointment into success

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While there are four extremely happy and talented Medium writers who beat out 9,000 plus others to win the 2021 Medium Writer’s Challenge, there are also more than 9,000 (minus 4) other writers who did not. …

Travel and Culture

Southern pride or racism?

After my visit to the Martin Luther King, Jr. historical site in Atlanta and continuing my drive north toward Tennessee, I approached one town and saw a huge Confederate flag flying high and proud at the city limits. …

The Writing Biz

Improve your writing one step at a time

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News flash. As writers, our lives to others, who have no clue who we are yet, is like buying milk. It’s not that they don’t care but they lack any kind of connection to us as yet.

All of us are cardboard cutouts until we add dimension, interest, and connection…

The Writing Biz

And what it could mean for the future of writing on Medium

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I’ve long been a fan of Natalie Portman so I kinda hate to say this but her presence as a judge in the latest Medium writers challenge has been along the lines of a naked lady walking into a biker bar. Suddenly you have a room full of men afflicted…

The (Medium) Writing Biz

Some theories on this on why people do this

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Ok, so this has been bothering me just a tad… ok, it’s been bothering me a lot!

Why some people follow but do not engage or interact at all is a bit puzzling to me. No comments or highlights or even one clap.

Here are my ideas as to why…

Books and Reading

By Detective Lt. Joe Kenda

Even though Joe Kenda’s show Homicide Hunter first aired in 2011, I knew nothing of it until Oxygen or OWN or one of those channels decided to air a few instances of the show in 2019/2020 and then cleverly take it away again. …

MWC Death

Between life and death is balance

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Death is a weighty word isn’t it? Heavy as a lead coffin, you might say. First and foremost, in the way it’s pronounced. A rigid and resounding /d/ forces a cutoff of air as the tongue meets the roof of the mouth followed by an elongated and breathy /ee/, via…

JoAnn Ryan

A complete mess but always striving to do better. I write about writing, life, mental health, current culture and various other stuff that catches my interest.

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